Energy Services Company in Perth

About Rise Energy Services

Rise Energy Services is an electrical contrating company specialsing in solar power, and energy management projects based in Perth, Western Australia. We provide professional, comprehensive, and cost-effective energy solutions to homes and businesses throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Our services range from residential solar, batteries and off grid storage solutions and large-scale commercial solar installations. Our licensed and experienced electricians strive to deliver the highest quality solar solutions to our customers.

Our team has extensive experience across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors and over the past ten years has successfully completed a broad range of solar power projects, and energy auditing projects in Perth. Our reputation has been built on providing reliable advice, quality workmanship, and delivering all services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Rise Energy Services is a member of the Solar Council of Australia and Clean Energy Council. For further information, email Rise Energy Services or phone (08) 9308 9810.